Direct Mail/Postal Verification

Direct Mail/Postal Verification

We provide 1000s of options for you to filter our desired audience from our database which goes through analysis and audits regularly maintaining its integrity

With new technology there are many ways to market your products and services, but direct mail is something which still remains as of the finest ways to reach your prospective or existing clients. Direct Mail is one of the oldest yet effective way to make your client aware about your services. We make sure that mails you sent are compliant with Unites States postal services which are verified and validated piece bye piece eliminating inaccuracies if any.

marketing with Icalabs

We build our databases with a customer-centric relational model that helps leverage data to optimize marketing performance. This approach provides a single point of entry for all marketing-related information in a secure, high-speed processing environment.

We use advance tools to manage ans sort our data base. These tools are designed to quickly answer marketing and business questions. They measure activity, response, and return on investment.

Slice and Dice Pros

we are experts at selecting, editing and organizing multiple sources of consumer and business list data. Our setup provides quick and flexible information and lists for all of your mailing list service needs.

On the consumer side, we have one of the largest residential list database. We also provide data overlays of compiled and census data with a wide variety of demographic and lifestyle information. And financial risk.

On the business side, we have multiple sources, and can merge, purge and sort by business size, title, and other factors.