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ICALABS is One of India’s Fastest Growing Digital Marketing Agency. We assist our clients to reach as many customers as possible both locally and globally. We bring one’s brand in front of a massive audience.

With ICALABS the guarantee that one receives is the delivery of results based on increased volume in sales, production and quality; our goals- customer delight, loyalty and therefore increase in acquisition based on brand awareness by word of mouth, media, advertisements, a strong tag lines, brand worthiness and marked differentiators; which in turn leads to ease of recognition.

The strategic multidimensional approach from ICALABS will enable one’s business to stand above the rest of the competition in the market.

At ICALABS it is second nature to value one’s business and always project its Client to the Customers. ICALABS has been a pioneer at ensuring white labeled delivery in different geographies across markets. One’s business will always be projected as the source of every effort directed to win customers business and loyalty. ICALABS guarantees in being invisible to the end customer. Customer acquisition is always driven by awareness and this is rooted in one’s decisions and investment in time to go the right way. Choosing ICALABS, a natural in driving brand awareness and customer acquisition is a win- win move for one’s business.

Brand Awareness and Brand Equity go hand in hand at ICALABS; the effort- a continuously updated strategy tied to going above and beyond, across the developmental phase, using advertisements, word of mouth publicity, social media like blogs, sponsorships, launching events, etc.

The ICALABS effort in reliable brand imaging, slogans, taglines with benefit backed analyses, targeting one’s audience and generating the need amongst them will be continuous.

An effective, catchy brand message tied to the best form of media and a researched market to lead the way to high customer acquisition and increased market share.

The first phase with ICALABS starts with identifying the One’s customer base and driving awareness amongst them. The projection is to familiarize them with the product/ service at hand and define its usage and benefits from the same. ICALABS drives consumer acceptance and involvement with the brand and the product/services it has to offer. While ICALABS efforts on familiarization are still on- checks are made to see if the target audience is aware and responsive to the brand’s products/ services; effective surveys are made, trends analyzed and penetration of the brand is understood.