Welcome to Icalabs Careers

Icalabs is a full service digital advertising agency that leads the industry in performance-based marketing initiatives. As a group of savvy and talented professionals fueled by a passion to create purposeful online advertising, superior branding and the best marketing strategies possible, we are driven by one simple philosophy to create extraordinary online marketing presences that yield measurable results for our clients.

Icalabs clientele spans across the globe. Our clients are a diverse group ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to international advertising agencies, including everything in between. We work with our clients to strategically determine which methods will garner the best results for their advertising, branding and marketing goals, overseeing the success of their campaigns from concept to completion.

Career with Icalabs

Working at icalabs

Our company’s DNA is task and team based, not geography based.

This structure is made possible by our global services delivery model, which enables real-time knowledge sharing and interaction with colleagues around the world.

We are the only international services provider with a business model structured both vertically and horizontally. That is, vertically with expertise in almost every major industry segment, as well as horizontally, across a full complement of integrated solutions and services. In fact, many of our senior people originate from the industries in which we work.

Our icalabs culture is an enabling one. It emphasizes empowerment of the individual to make decisions in the best interests of the client. Importantly, it also rewards personal achievement and contribution, financially and through public recognition.

Coming on board

When you join, you’ll be introduced to the company, its processes, tools and procedures, and you’ll be personally guided along the way. In fact, even while you’re in the process of applying, you’ll be assigned a representative to help you through the process.