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icalabs is a full service digital advertising agency that leads the industry in performance-based marketing initiatives. As a group of savvy and talented professionals fueled by a passion to create purposeful online advertising, superior branding and the best marketing strategies possible, we are driven by one simple philosophy to create extraordinary online marketing presences that yield measurable results for our clients. icalabs clientele spans across the globe. Our clients are a diverse group ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to international advertising agencies, including everything in between. We work with our clients to strategically determine which methods will garner the best results for their advertising, branding and marketing goals, overseeing the success of their campaigns from concept to completion.


Icalabs Call Center Support

when your company chooses call centers for clients acquisition and lead generation it is very important to make sure there are more calls in volume. Its simple, higher call volume means higher will be your sales hence pushing your profit numbers higher. But, increasing call volumes can be a tricky thing. There are some ways to increase call numbers, but not all of them will increase your profits.

We are one stop solution to all your Contact Center and Transaction Processing requirements. Our business, to put simply, is Customer Experience Management. Our services allow you to focus on your business while we convert customer as well as prospect interactions into long-term relationships.

Our verified leads and Live transfer options will increase your call volume with only those customers who are interested in your products and services. Our services are bound to provide you with calls which have highest conversions in terms of sales. The leads which we provide go through a detailed verification process to make sure the calls you make are sales calls. Live transfer systems of ours gives your enables your agents to successfully close as many calls as possible.

We have a huge infrastructure which is spread across different channels enabling us to target type of customers that you want. We believe in holding highest highest standards when it comes to quality. Delivering the best of the best for your call centers. We will do what we do best and free you to spend your time and assistance in areas where its needed the most. We have proved time and again that leads and customers we provide are of premium standards.

We have a team with experience will happily drive calls towards you. Get in out to learn how we can assist you in building your own customer base.